FOR Advertisers
FoR those who seek growth and development
Aimobile is working with advertisers as a Growth Marketing Agency. It means that we don’t simply integrate offers into your work, but offer each partner a custom-tailored holistic marketing solution.
  • Your personal manager
    The moment you send your application, you are assigned a personal account manager, whom you can contact anytime. We pride ourselves on the friendly relationship we have with our partners, and we are always glad to chat online, as well as in person at various meet-ups and conferences.
  • Product testing
    The offers will be tested by our own media buying team: 60 highly experienced specialists working with these main traffic sources: Google Ads, Facebook and SEO/ASO. Another option is we ask our trusted publishers to test your product.
  • Website audit and funnel optimization
    Before we start working, our marketing managers follow your purchase funnel from start to finish, from clicking on an ad to completing the target action. Based on this, we offer advice on improving your CR and income.
  • Antifraud system
    We use a fraud detection system in order to offer highest quality traffic to our advertisers. The filtering is done both automatically and «manually» by our specialists.
  • App development
    We make native branded and unbranded APK apps for various verticals: iGaming, Dating, E‑commerce, Finance.
  • Marketing
    We willl offer you the most profitable ad strategy based on market analysis and our own statistical data. We will also develop a sales funnel most effective for your brand promotion.
  • Design
    The Alfaleads design team creates any kinds of content: videos, animated GIFs, app screenshots, static and animated banners for any format. We make ready-to-go sales landing and pre-landing pages, including design, layout and copy writing.
  • Promotional activities
    Alfaleads PR specialists implement the most innovative promotional events in the CPA market. For that, we’ve been honored with an Affbank Award as the most creative partner network. These events can be done in cooperation with a CPA network, or they can be standalone promotional campaigns for your products.
  • Offline events
    We hold invitation-only events and meet-ups for our partners on a regular basis. These are great places to mingle with the top players of the CPA market and increase your media capital. Promotional opportunities include banners, printed materials, talks by your speakers, and much more.
Our reputation in the affiliate marketing market is hugely important to us. We strive to work with the most responsible and passionate players in this niche.

That is why the first thing we do is hold a small interview with every partner to determine the best way to work together going forward.
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